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2014 Porsche Macan Turbo Review

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Definitely the best in class performance for putting a smile on your face. Having been a Land Rover owner for past 20 years & still enjoy driving my Discovery HSE which is superior as a 4 x 4 and excellent to carry 7 people or lots of cargo, if one is looking for a great day to day mid-size SUV with 'Best in Class' on road performance with attitude, then the Macan Turbo is the ultimate drivers car.

For what you get, the overall purchase cost of the Macan Turbo with decent additional upgrades is still good value compared to many other 4 door passenger / performance cars and SUV's, even considering the fact that Porsche are one of the most professional companies in getting maximum spend out of their customers.

Build quality is excellent, sports seats, cabin comfort and confident ride at low or high speeds adds to the positive driving and ownership experience.

However, it is important to respect the power and size of vehicle, so best get confident driving in regular mode before engaging sport mode for the extra adrenaline flow, otherwise I can see that it will be easy to lose control very quickly - this is why Porsche offer Macan Turbo owners a track day to get to know the car and learn to respect its capabilities.

By the way, compared to the larger Cayenne you get more car for your money at a lower overall cost and in my opinion a better driving experience due to size and performance capabilities of the Macan Turbo. Enjoy !