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2014 Porsche Cayman Review

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I have always wanted a Porsche 911. When the time came recently to be able to afford my dream well, what to do, what to do! A 2008 911 or a new Cayman.

OMG what a car the new Cayman is. Awesome to look at, special to sit in and aural pornography from key start to key off. The ride is superb and handles the 45 min peak hour grind to work effortlessly. The front boot is like a tardis and swallows big loads with ease.

On the open road, blasting up hills and switchbacks, it is so composed and "on your side" that you really do wonder how fast you need to go to upset it and is that sort of Spode worth your license. No mid corner thumbs or bouncing off line. No double bites at the steering. Point and go!

Your partner won't even know how fast you are going the car is so composed. The only clue to the effort is the glorious wail behind your ears. The brakes, if called upon, show just how average other sports cars set ups can be. My other car is a current Model BMW M spec 328i and the quality if the Porsche makes it feel very ordinary.

There must be an issue I hear you say! Well more torque would be nice but it does mean you have to rev it more which is no burden. There are some minor sqeaks around the hatch and drivers seat (which come apparently free from the factory).

A Porsche was my dream car and there is always a risk that your dream does not live up to the reality. In this case every day in a Porsche cayman is a good day.