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2014 Porsche Boxster Review

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An affordable true convertible sports car with comfort (comparing the 918). Its a car that turns heads and with compliments every time it leave the garage.The interior of black leather on a white car with 20" black Carrera rims, it has a very masculine feel.

With the added Sports Plus and can really move, though I do see the petrol gauge fall quickly. The 7 speed gear is so clean, I wouldn't know it had change gears. The 2.7 engine isn't bad at all, if you add the PDK and you love the noise the Porsche makes with the modified exhaust, I think its as good as the S model without the price tag.

The handling on a straight is good as it is expected from most sports cars, but its the cornering that truly makes it a Porsche. The mid engine on this model feels to me very secure and balanced, making me wanting to go faster and test the car. I was held back by my wife...damn.

City driving isn't to bad at all. It fits in the small parking spots and if you leave it at the 4-5 star hotels concierge, they will just leave it where it is for show!

The first service to Porsche was probably triple than my Japanese car, and I'm not really looking forward to my next service, given the fact its all computerised now.

I would like to see more practical things like coin holder and even sunglasses holder somewhere.
No doubt, this is a sports car with thrill and a capital FUN.
Purist Porsche may say its a poor mans Porsche, with specs like this...