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2014 NISSAN X-Trail ST Review

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I bought this new X-Trail 2WD Wagon just last week. I was very happy with it until last night while I was driving it at night. I started the car, turned on the headlights. First I struggled a bit to find the gear leaver as the area was too dark.

Even the gear indicators ( P N D 2) were not illuminated ( unlike my other Nissan cars i drive). I called the Nissan dealer as I thought it was a fault - he assured me that its the new design for safety - you need to look at the dashboard and front not gear shifting area down.

I tried to do that but found it very hard to synchronise as the gear leaver is shifting vertically and the movements on dashboard horizontally.

We usually don't need to change the gear ( from D) while driving. Shifting to P and R are done while the vehicle is fully stopped. Safety reason? I wonder how.I am quite happy with other features especially the road grip, but in few occasions I have it going backward a little a before climbing up on slopes.

I listen to lot of music I personally feel that the CD storage area could have been a little bigger. Six air bags are real peace of mind for safety. It feels like 2014 X trail got much improved suspension system- it is quite smooth on rough roads. Steering wheel blocks much oh the dashboard specially the gear movements.