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2014 Nissan Micra ST review

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I'm an idiot for selling this car. I went on holiday to Adelaide once and had one as a renter and found it a charming little thing to flog around the hills and wineries. I had a tiny driveway entrance at home to deal with, so when it was time to get a car the Micra was top of the list. I bought it for $6500 at 68000kms and sold it at 88000km out of curiosity as to if anyone would want it for $5000 two years later - turns out they did and I was stupid because a) it seems they went up in value (they were being advertised for $7000+, maybe because there is more demand for newish used cars as no one can get credit for a new car?) and b) after testing an old CLK230 which was in mint nick, I realised the Micra was more fun to drive, more comfy and (believe it or not) felt quicker. This is probably because manuals tend to feel zippier over old autos.

So I ended up getting an NC MX-5 after doubling my budget.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. Mine was comfy for my 115 kilogram 6-foot frame, was practical, was easy to park, it had a great heater and a/c and it had a bit of character about it. The radio was pretty good. It came with Bluetooth and an aux port, which I didn't expect but were useful. For a $6500 car, I rate it high for tech. My Micra was an ex-rental (which I had assumed it would be when I got it), and the starter motor died not long after purchase, but that was replaced for 740 bucks. Thankfully, Nissan paid half, even though I didn't ask them to, which was surprising as I didn't buy the car from one of their dealerships and the car was six months out of warranty. That was the only issue in 20000kms and two years. It wasn't fast but it did the job, although pushing the ac button in a high gear going up hill was akin to a drag chute coming out of a landing fighter bomber. The gearshift was a bit clunky, but other than that it was fantastic and I would have another one again in a shot.