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2014 Nissan Juke ST (FWD) Review

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As stated in some reviews; it's so much fun!

Zippy and it goes. It looks different to other boring small cars, especially the front end. The colours you can choose and mix is fun. I settled for gun metal and still enjoy looking out a window and smiling at the look of my juke.

I do load up the boot space a bit and find it roomy with back seats down and love the small hidden space under floor, very neat. But thank God I don't have kids, so I have no problem with space. I've even slept in it and it's comfy as. I also saw that I can buy a fixed tent, which I will purchase that as camping is part of the Aussie lifestyle.

I love the design of interior bits. The whole smooth simple and unique design of the gadgets is too cute. I chose material seats because I intend to get sheepskin covers on them, which is perfect for the Aussie summer.

However, I do feel a bit squashed in the front seat with the tight seat space and seat belt area and intend to fix that. But over all with the lacks of my juke nothing beats jumping in the car comfortably & going for a drive, which I do regularly.

Go Nissan!