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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review

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Outlander PHEV Aspire (not the petrol), purchased July 2014. I bought this vehicle to be used as an electric vehicle (EV) but as I live in regional Victoria where there are no charging stations for EVs within 150 kms, this hybrid (combined battery and petrol engine) was the only solution for me.

The 50 km EV range is a bit more than my daily commute of about 40 kms. While I have traveled 2230 kms to date, I have done 580 kms in one day. This trip showed that the Outlander PHEV has a great power management system. I traveled to Melbourne using the petrol engine for highway driving but used EV mode for that city traffic driving.

The Outlander has a system to charge the battery when low and an option to the save the battery at any selected level for later use in traffic.

Home charging via a 15 amp power point takes up to 3 to 4 hours to fully recharge the PHEV drive battery and based on an electricity supply rate:

a. Peak - of 33 cents per kilowatt hour for 10Kwh's, it costs approximately $3.30
b. Off peak - 16 cents per kilowatt hour for 10Kwh's, it costs approximately $1.60
c. Sun rays via solar panels - FREE!

This is a great car to drive. Like all electric cars the silence is golden.

Two features about the car I love:

a. The six levels of regenerative braking - this puts power back into the battery but when using level 5 you can drive almost without having to touch the brakes, just controlling the speed of the car by lifting your foot off the accelerator.

b. Adaptive Cruise Control, radar controlled cruise control. And it works, it did bring the car to a stop when following the car in front which stopped.