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2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Gsr Sportback Review

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Our lancer GSR replaced our 2007 380 SX and a 2007 CH 2.4 lancer ES wagon. The lancer is one of the bigger cars in this class and being a hatchback it has proven a handy IKEA hauler and not too drastic a down size from the 380. Front leg room is good and front seats are comfortable and there are handy storage and drink compartments. There is no lumber adjustment though. Rear leg room is adequate but the rear seats are a bit lacking in support.

The GSR is significantly cheaper on fuel than both our previous cars and handles long country trip with ease and has good acceleration. Using the air conditioner doesn't impact performance.

The blue-tooth and audio controls are easy to operate and the air conditioning copes well with summer heat. Handling is sharp and the brakes work well but rear visibility is limited. The auto sensing pers and headlights are very convenient features. The CVT auto is smooth but the extra paddle shifters are largely irrelevant for me.

The 15,000Km/12 month service intervals with capped price servicing and a 5 year warranty mean low ongoing ownership costs.

We wanted a sporty but practical car with good fuel economy and some get up and go. The GSR provides that and is well equipped and was well priced at under $24000 drive away.. The 18" alloy wheels and body kit on the GSR together with the new ralliart style grill add a modern look to a car design that is older than some others .

For a little extra money, it represents betterr value than the Lancer ES sport and as a hatchback provides more cargo capacity than a sedan and not much less than a wagon.