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2014 Mitsubishi Asx (2wd) Review

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The 2WD Mitsubishi ASX is a surprisingly good little SUV that grows on you, the more you drive it.
The 2.0L engine is adequate, but certainly no powerhouse.

I've found fuel economy is excellent - not just on highway running, but around town on stop-start driving, where many vehicles get very thirsty.

My partner and I have found the seating very comfortable, and I've owned a lot of vehicles over many years, and sat in many seats.

The CVT is smooth and provides excellent response and performance. Maintenance costs appear to be reasonable and warranty period is very good.

However, the dealership experiences vary a lot, and Mitsubishi themselves don't appear to be too interested in anything they regard as a "minor complaint".

The only downsides I've found, are the following:

1. An annoying vibration that occurs at 1500RPM. This vibration spreads through the whole car and detracts badly from the driving experience.
I don't know if it's engine imbalance or a harmonic vibration that is coming through the exhaust system - but it's a particularly bad feature that has appeared after around 30,000kms.
The dealerships are not interested in investigating the vibration in depth, they reckon it's "acceptable".
2. The accelerator feel is too "touchy". When you ease up on the accelerator, the vehicle slows down very rapidly, as if you have applied the brakes lightly. It's annoying, but not overwhelming.
I've found other cars with "fly-by-wire" throttle have a similar problem - the feedback through the accelerator pedal is not accurate enough.

Overall, I've been fairly satisfied with the ASX ownership and driving experience.