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2014 Mercedes-Benz SL 350 BE Review

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I have just purchased a new SL 350. I am thoroughly pleased with my new asset in every way. On researching other vehicles which offer the similar attributes including, two doors, hardtop/soft top convertible, sporty looks, handling and performance I considered the following. 911 Porsche Carrera convertible, Ferrari California, Bentley 2 door continental GT, and Maserati 2door GT.

After much deliberation I chose the SL above the others for the following reasons. I found the Ferrari was to expensive for what it offered, (have been a past Ferrari owner), a great car in all respects but can't justify the cost in Aus., would have had to settle for a 5 year old model, to compare the cost.

The 911 is a fabulous all round quick sportscar, but definitely not a long highway cruiser. Would have been back breaking on regular 1000km trips. Lack of luggage space, consider less than the SL, and I feel the interior finish and equipment is not in the same class as the SL.

Being a past 911 owner I am aware of how good these cars are, especially in the performance arena. The Bentley continental is a beautiful cruising machine with a thirsty appitite to boot. The finish on these vehicles is outstanding, and especially the colour range. And then comes my final consideration the Maser 2Door GT. Great all round car, superb sound and performance, but gee the initial cost and the re sale is disastrous.

So my conclusion was the all rounder cruise queen the SL.

I haven't been disappointed. What a machine, and the colour is superb in Palladin Silver with Black trim. Oh and I had the optional AMG kit included. Would thoroughly recommend. Bring on the new 400 engine next year Mr. Mercedes.