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2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 Amg S Review

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We have this car for about 10 days now. The major concern is seating [dis]comfort. I am not talking about craft quality and materials of the etas. I am talking about engineering.

Our vehicle has Designo AMG seats. They look fabulous and feel soft when you touch them. They also feel good for initial few minutes of the ride, but thereafter it is just painful. The trouble is not with the back of the seats or with the dynamic grip at the back, trouble is with the base of the seats. It is pain in the bottom proverbially as well as practically.

We have spent all these 10 days and about 1000 km, trying to figure out how to make seating whilst driving more comfortable. The way seats are engineered makes them probably appropriate for great track feel but they are not good for family driving when all one wants is a powerful car with plush seats that don't hurt. We wish that:-

1] The seats had more tilt so that the knees are at a higher level and legs are rested with the under thighs near knees fully supported by padded seats.
2] There was more lift up / tilt up on the seats.

This is to make pressing on accelerator easier as well as shifting between brakes and accelerator less painful in city stop start traffic.

The way pedals are placed, it will be more comfortable if the driver is sitting upright with their knees rested by the padding of seat and thighs slightly bent with no pressure on lower back and hips to support knees and foot when it manoeuvres foot paddles.

3] Left foot rest should be at the same depth/distance as is the right accelerator foot paddle

The point is there are a lot of people out there who want AMG level finesse and cabin appointment without having to put up with painful sport seats and harsh paddles.