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2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Review

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Only a week old and the run in limitations are much more painful than you would think. Limiting RPMs to under 4500 is hard because that is when the car really starts to mumbo and the exhaust note goes from normal to "nuts".

The CLA looks smaller in darker colours but white actually makes it look less than petite. Even the silver wheels (everyone seems to go for black) seem to give it a bigger stance.

The transmission is great once going and I bet MB has made improvements in the last 12 months because the complaints about "clunking" and "jerkiness" are completely unfounded now.

It can be a bit sleepy in comfort setting but in sport it behaves a lot more aggressively than my old R32 DSG. And if anything, much much smoother.

The engine is amazing for what it delivers even low down. Almost no evidence of lag and it pull from 1000RPM without any issues. Again, you need to set the car in "sport" mode to get the exhaust note to become noticeable but in "comfort" on the freeway the car is as tractable as any high-strung turbo while still maintaining amazing smoothness and comfort (all around 7-8L/100km even which is even more astonishing).

Best feature is the Distronic Plus cruise control where you set to the speed you want and it just adjusts depending on traffic. Did 200km today and it didn't fail once.

The suspension is hard but 90% of the time it behaves impeccably. Only on trashed and potholed Mount Dandenong roads did it show a little unease. Still, on damp roads, the AWD still kept the car pointing straight regardless how aggressively the corners were attacked.

The front Recaro seats have about five thousand adjustment combinations and are much more comfortable than they look. The rear seats are comfortable for kids but don't try and put any 6"2' adults back there. The boot will carry a lot more than you think.

The navigation screen is easily readable and the voice command system works better than in other cars I have driven.
Damn you 1500km run-in period .....