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2014 Mazda 3 Sp25 Review

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I have a 2014 sp25 manual in white, I upgraded from a 2011 neo manual. In comparison between the 2, The sp 25 is nicer to drive, a more refined and enjoyable driving experience, the power delivery suits my driving, it cruises around in the daily traffic with ease, not putting a foot wrong & so smooth.

When required it has the power and torque to leave most other small cars in its wake at the traffic lights, ever aware of the speedo as its very easy to break the speed limit in this car!

I recently took the car from Newcastle to Tamworth, it performed very well on the trip, accelerating to 100 ks or having to over take with amazing ease, again being aware of the speed, it would be very easy to get a speeding ticket in this car, I often think of why I desired something faster before buying this car like a wrx , when in real life it's just so hard to use the power!

The driving position is comfortable, it has all the features a person could possibly need and more. I was never happy with my old neo's fuel economy, it ran at 8.5lt per 100, I have been monitoring the economy on the sp25, so far it has been at around 8.1ltr, far from the acclaimed 6.5 ltr mark, so this is disappointing, I have been using 98 octane, the majority of my driving is easy too, even coasting in neutral down hills. I am hoping this will improve as the car has only 1500 ks on it.