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2014 Mazda 3 Sp25 GT Review

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I bought a Mazda 3 SP25 GT with safety pack mid October 2014. The dealer didn't make the process easy & after signing 4 different contracts on different cars, I finally got the above in the stylish Aluminium colour.

The leather seats are super comfy & the heated front seats have been really handy on cold mornings. The Bose stereo system with 9 speakers + is crystal clear with easy adjustments plus Bluetooth to your smartphone that lets you take & make calls without taking you're eyes off the road.

The Pop up eye level speedo is my favourite that also gives you navigation signals & cruise control status. The duel climate control air conditioning is great & made for Australian conditions but where are the rear vents? Seriously? It drives like a dream, best car I've ever driven & the steering/handling is very precise. You feel very safe.

The warning bells that go off when you're changing lanes, going over the speed limit, or telling you that a speed/red light camera is approaching all add to the new experience. The overtaking speed when you really need it is better that I ever expected with a 4cyl car. Just amazing.

I don't like the dull light in the boot (minor) the road noise on rough roads is bad, plus the navigation system will only let you do updates on the memory card via a PC computer, not a Mac? My sedan however is very stylish & gives me a sense of pride.

Something I have never felt in previous cars, even my 2010 HSV Clubsport. Well done Mazda & the design team. It has to win small car in 2014 after what I test drove.