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2014 Mazda 3 SP25 GT Review

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I purchased my 2014 Mazda 3 in February 2014.

It was the first SP25GT off the lot. My initial response was that it was smooth to drive but then after driving for some time I found that the suspension is way way too harsh for anyone with lower back problems. So if you read this and you have back issues think about buying those lower models with 16" alloys and 60 profile tyres. Otherwise what a great car to drive. It's very responsive and I enjoy using the manual mode and paddles to give it a push around the freeways etc.

The inside is roomy enough for small to medium sized passengers and the seat adjustment is very good. I love the technology especially the pandora and blue tooth connections. However I get disappointed by the out of date gps maps that we have been given. I think the only thing I miss that cheaper models in other cars do have is the proximity alert beepers. I have checked it out and it is now another extra at a price around $1500 for front and rear and incorporated into the electronics etc. Shame?

Maybe the heated seats are a bit unneccessary for Aussie weather conditions. I also love the dash layout and the easy to read dash display. Well on that note I shall say it's a really nice car to drive but am disappointed by the road noise, the hard ride and the lack of sensors when parking. In its class it is a great drive and the finish is as usual for a Mazda - impeccable. Cheers - Ross