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  • very good fuel economy, this can over right the negative , love the outside look on the sport side appearance great, great looking wheels,, love the pearl white colour
  • very plain inside

by Bev Obrien

Road noise is still there glove box smaller than 12 model, door space small no room for drinks etc, and dash very plain, and CD player a worry because you have to blend down to operate… when driving I hate the fact that I have to blend down to change the CD which could jn turn have a accident , love the Bluetooth works like a charm , love the drive , but the room is very concerning .

The money I spend is worth the money, but the after sale service is no where yo been seen ..I can go yo Brisbane , and gold coast and back to hervey bay where inline and work on a trunk of petrol , which work out to be around 60 dollars ……..the coffee holders are very unstable which have no cover and the dust just sits there.

The engine is very quite some times uou cannot hear it..love thebway it’s stops running running when stopping yo save money and starts up again and the buttoned start the car is very good ..key less entering a plus.thebpearl whitebreally standout the reasons I brought it ….had to change the wheels to mags which really sets the car off nicely the insurance is much cheaper the one which saves me 200 dollars a year…. and the fix service prices from Mazda is a great idea , I had to get the window tinted and fabric protection down which saves me money in the long run love driving

2014 Mazda 3 Neo Review Review
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