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2014 Mazda 3 Neo Review

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Bought this car as a demonstrator, with 1500 kms on it Since it is a demo, it comes with the OPTIONAL safety pack, auto-dimming mirrors, smart city braking and BDM.

Blind spot monitoring system comes in useful during heavy rain, make switing lanes a lot more easier and less frightening. (I am a newbee to driving, sorry)

Trunk is spacious yet the hinges kind of get into the way sometimes. GEN2 MZD 3 comes with hydrolics boot lid, even in a Sedan...Come on Mazda.

Overall driving dynamics is quite good, especalliy the feedback from the steering wheel, it is way sharper than a civic sedan (2012 VTI-L)
The weight of steering is just right, doesn't need the silly steering mode adjustment like the Elantra (Spot, Comfort and Dyanmics.. What's the point Hyundai?)

I love the Skyactive engine, it packs a bit of a punch, 2L naturally aspirated, therefore no TURBO LAG. Accerleration comes off naturally and linear.

Yet the Gearbox is a disaster. It is sluggish, reluctant to upshift or downshift, noise level is high when you decided to overtake.

Overall, the car is fun to drive around town, space is decent in the carbin and the boot. Yet, It is VERY NOISY, compare to its competitors such as Golf and Imprezza.

Interior design is a huge leap compare to the previous Generation. Yet, would love to see MZD connect (the touchscreen thing) should come in standard acorss all range with reverse camera. (also maybe putting it somewhere near the centre console instead of sticking it out like a aftermarket GPS on the dash.... try copy from Audi?)

I wouldn't say I adore this car, but it is not the worst either. Definitely recommend others to check this one out, but probably go for the Golf at last.