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2014 Maserati Granturismo Sport Review

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Purchased my 2014 new a year ago. I was taken with the beautiful styling and the relative power/performance of the car. Back in the late 70's and early 80's, besides owning several Lamborghini's at the same time, I owned some nice Maseratis, but this was my first Maserati since then. Now, as a successful businessman working around Beverly Hills, CA as a daily driver I didn't want to be seen in a Ferrari or McLaren so I chose this car quite specifically because of the Ferrari engine.

From the get go until now the Bluetooth hasn't worked and the factory head tech just shrugged his shoulders and said "We're a small company!" This bothers me more than anything else because I do so much business using my mobile phone out of the office. Also, the windshield from new had some weird crystallization and it was replaced, and the second one has the same defects. They are "contemplating" putting in a third one now.

The local dealership people are mostly very nice, but could be a hell of a lot more responsive, meaning I have to constantly follow up. I see lots of room for improvement with the service people who could learn a lot more about customer service before they ruin the brand in my locale.

Last year I participated in the Italian Stampede from L.A. to Monterey and the car was right up there at 150 + speeds with just about everything else, and it averaged about 20 mpg, while in city driving is just about 12!!! Just wish the Bluetooth would work!!!