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2014 Mahindra Xuv500 (FWD) Review

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I have made the biggest mistake in buying this car. This car really sucks.

I have bought this car last year, since day one I have been having a lot of issues such as Bluetooth not working, navigation system is not getting signals, smoke smell coming inside the car, usb port not working, brakes making noises etc.

Even on the delivery date my car was not even inspected prior to delivery.
On todays date april 2015 my car has only 18000 kms on it.

let me tell you guys what kind of trouble I have faced .

Issue 1

On the delivery day we have found out there was a scuff marks on the rims during inspection which finally got fixed now. approx 1 year after making so many requests to the dealer and Mahindra.

Issue 2

On inspection found the exhaust pipes were rusty. Was told that the exhaust pipes will be changed on 1st service (5000 kms) but nothing got done yet. Told buy mahindra use jiff to clean the rust.

Issue 3

After delivery found out that navigator is not working. Got fixed on 2nd service.
10000 kms

Issue 4

Bluetooth was not working post delivery. Got it fixed in January 2015 after too many requests

Issue 5

Had problem with braking system which got fixed post delivery and now same problem started again

Issue 6

Having problem with wipers but was told that it was manufactured like this and there is nothing they can do. Issue was wiper move before water comes on the wind screen. Which have already made scratches on the glass.

Issue 7

Now the major problem I have faced is that couple of months ago post delivery I found coolant leakage marks around the engine called the dealer where I bought the car from regarding this matter.

The car got inspected by them and was told that they have cleaned it and could not find any leakage. Couple of days later I found the coolant leakage mark again and the car got inspected again and was told this time that the radiator cap needs replacment which would be done under warranty.

So they scheduled me for another appointment. On the day when I have given the car to them I received the call from service supervisor that there is a leakage form the Head Mount and they need the car for couple of days to fix it.

Now its nearly more than 2 months, car is getting fixed.

I tried to send alot of email to Mahindra but received no reply. Even called them received reply that my frustration and stress is zero for them and called just got disconnected.

Made compliant in fair trading, fair trading called them but no replied from Mahindra.

At this moment I am very much worried and stressed regarding the head gasket which was leaking and what sort of damage it has done to the engine. if they miss something while repairing the car and the issue arises again after my warranty has expired then I have to pay a massive amount to get it fixed.

Once they have replaced the head gasket, it will devalue my car too if I decide to sell in future.

Another major drawback which I didnt think before buying this car was, car parts are not available easily outside market. So I have to go all the time to the dealer for repair and maintance which really cost much more than to local machanic.

I have been taking them to the court now let see what happened now.

People who bought it best of luck to them and who are thinking to buy please dont make mistake which I did.