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2014 Mahindra Genio 4x4 Review

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We got into a Genio because of the load capacity the tray size and the price , fidings so far are better than expected economy is good around 10 /11 ks a ltr its use primarily is daily drive , its specific task is to carry a slide on camper and all that goes with it , so far it outperforms the previous Korean vehicle easily.

Driveability is good ,visibility is excellent ,the interior is quiet enough for nornal volume conversation , carpets on the floor , seating is long range comfortable driver seat height adjustable with arm rests for both seats ,air conditioner is adequate and if you want more turn on the second stage , sound system is above average for price , electric windows and auto on the move door locks , the Bosch electrical and fuel system include cruise control with on wheel controls as is the sound system.

The 4x4 system is a breeze activated from the dash board rotary switch , generally we have found the drive systems to be robust verging on over spec . the one complaint We have is the cost of Mahindra filters they are expensive as are towbars and bull bars , due to some of the sites visited We find the interior very serviceable and easy to clean the Genio has done some 7500 kms and have not had any faults to report to dealer about since purchase .

Comes with first aid kit and spare headlight bulbs .