Mahindra Genio 2014 4x4
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2014 Mahindra Genio 4x4 review

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This is my Mahindra Genio review, and after 118,000km it's had a new turbo, a new diff, and three sets of tyres. It's generally used for long distance travel with a slide on of around 900kg.

Now the story.

Firstly it was bought to replace a flat-top 2.7-litre, naturally aspirated, 5-speed, 1.5 tonne diesel. The first thing that caught my eye was the intercooler, the second were the armrests, and the third was the cabin space. The price was excellent for a 1.2-tonne 4x4, so off I went, happy that the sales guy was as professional as any I've met.

Regarding the experience after purchase, getting the first service was an experience just to get the oils changed at 1000km, and at around 6000km the engine light flared. There's nothing obviously wrong, so Mahindra advise that the issue is not critical. I drove to the Mahindra dealer some 1000km later, only to be advised that the turbo has malfunctioned and that it needs replacing. Seven days later I pick the car up.

The next major issue was at 68000km; a catastrophic differential failure and finding that three bolts out of 10 were holding the ring gear on, and that all bolts and ring gear had lost any hardening. This was replaced wheel to wheel at my cost.

My experience with Mahindra dealers has been fairly average, with broken bolts, cut washer hoses, and an unfitted radio aerial. My car is now serviced outside of Mahindra service centres with service parts sourced on the open market.

Over the time I have owned this vehicle, excluding the above issues, it drives and cruises extremely well for the money. The brakes are great and they match the performance of the 5-speed turbocharged 16-valve 2.7-litre engine. Cruise control is necessary to limit speed creep.

Overall I am happy with the Genio. I am not impressed with the cost of parts as charged by Mahindra dealers, but realising you can buy two Mahindra's for close to the same price of the best selling competitor I think some issues could be expected.

Body wise, it has held up okay considering it's not garaged and that it often travels western roads at near the speed limit.

From an improvement point this variant is no longer available new, however I think the oil levels mentioned in the manual need some attention, as does the service intervals for the rear wheel bearings.

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