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2014 Lexus IS350 Luxury Review

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The IS350 is a Q car that most drivers underestimate how it can move.

Typical Lexus build quality finishing and reliability with a fast run Brisbane to Newcastle still leaving 80kms in the tank,lots of diesels wouldn't do any better with lots more noise. sevice costs are reasonable in comparison This is my 4th Lexus.,:tried the others with niggling problems , once you've owned one u wouldn't, go anywhere else four of my mates have also changed!!!

One mate has also purchased two of my used( is 300 and gs350) as they make a great second hand purchase which if u read Smithy in Carsguide BMW s don,t ??? go figure.If you read reliability reports Lexus also stacks up well as their motors are not overstressed as small capacity large or twin turbos which do cause problems.

The IIS is also finished as well inside the motor bay and boot and door openings as it is on the outside.this is the same on all Lexus vehicles I am a 67year old man who has owned many cars and been in many industries from advertising to lighting and furniture to hotel refurbs to garage doors and have driven a large variety of vehicles from trucks to mini buses to utes and luxury cars whilst working and travelling in these pursuits,I have also been in hipo gocarts which brings a large range of experience to compare to the table. The 8 speed transmission with paddle shift and eco ,normal, or sport mode settings also works well on this car with very smooth changes.

Sat nav all the good gear is included with the car including great connectivity and stereo. Big brakes take a look and compare also pull the thing up if you get a bit excited with the right foot The only whinge I have is that the car is very low and sometimes we find it hard to move our arses to get out.maybe thesuv next time???