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2014 Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0 Tdv6 Review

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The Disco4 is my modern age Volvo 240Wagon or Merc230TE with the bonus of 4WD.

We regularly cover 1000klm trips with one fuel stop and arrive with our three kids feeling relaxed having worked through badly broken road surfaces with ease.

Engine power is adequate as its weight counts against it. There is small lag with off the mark acceleration. Overtaking power is satisfactory. But knowing the engine characteristics, you can work with what it has.

The transmission is smooth and efficient. Fuel economy is limited by weight and the smallish fuel tank size, so it lacks a 1000klm range, our best is 800klms.

The cabin is brilliant. Awesome space, full use of all three rows. Great seat comfort for three kids across the middle row. Good boot size. Completely durable. Only the folding mechanism for the 3rd row is a little dated/clumsy.

Ride/Handling. For a big/tall box it rides very well. It rolls through corners in typical LR style. So no point trying to chase a Cayenne. It is extremely refined and comfortable.

Tech wise, well it's been around a number of years so the next gen will bring this in line with more modern competitors. For now though it does the job.

Reliability. This is our fourth LR product. Three (inc this one) have been perfect. The fourth blew an engine with less than 10000klms, but LR acted brilliantly in resolving our heartache.

Features wise, it lacks std kit and has a long options list. But again, the next gen will (hopefully) repair this.