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2014 Kia Rio Sli Review

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Have done 7000ks.Aussie enhanced handling is great, especially on tight bends. A bit more power such as a turbo would make this one of the hottest hatches available
Living in the Hornsby area i have taken the advantage of driving the windy bends of the pacific highway.The car revels in these conditions and the fun is limited only by your own driving skills and nerve.

Another good testing ground is the Glenworth valley road. Continue along that road to the
Cessnock area and you will have a lot of driving enjoyment.

My experiences with this car have
shown that keeping the revs above 2000 allows the engines performance to shine through.I would
love to try this with a turbo on board. That would really test the Aussie tuned suspension.
The sequential auto is brilliant. I have friends that refuse to drive anything that isn't manual but this gearbox would change their mind. I have never driven a vehicle with paddle shifts but I believe that would detract from the manual change feel.

I have read reviews saying the 17inch wheels are too big and make the ride too bumpy. I have only
noticed this at low speed and its not really annoying except over speed bumps. I would suggest moving away from the Continental tyres as they are noisy. Pirelli and Kumho have been touted as quiter and am considering them next.

One disappointing point is KIA doesn't mention the fact that a service should be done every 7500 ks, , not 15000 as advertised. The dealer says this is just an oil change but the service book says this is only every 15000. Very confusing and misleading.

Overall this is a fantasic car and would jump at the chance to drive a turbo version