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2014 Kia Rio SLi Review

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This is the second review of my Kia Rio and to give you an idea of the ownership experience I'm doing a 60,000km update. In short, this is a great car.

I've experienced only one small hiccup once when it almost stalled, but then it rectified itself. I'm that down to junk in fuel line. I disobeyed my own rule of not letting the tank get low on fuel which can suck up all the crap from the bottom.

My uni-aged kids don't like how it handles speed humps. It tends to bounce over them if you're not travelling at a crawling pace.

It has heaps of features for the price. I drove a competitor's cheaper-grade SUV recently and missed the tech of my Rio. No DRL's. No auto headlights. Poorer quality cruise control, just to name a few.

The performance is good even in auto mode but I prefer to use manual mode most of the time. It handles better in traffic. I still have to say that a turbo would transform this car. Add extra tweaks to suspension and it would blow the doors off any Euro hot hatch.

The central locking is a bit strange, though. When picking someone up I have to turn off the door lock switch to let them in even when parked.

Service costs are reasonable. I still feel unhappy the sales spiel says service every 15,000km but log book suggests every 7500km. At least Kia still covers warranty if you go to 15,000km.

My next Kia may be in doubt with Kia's use of DSG now. I have had bad experiences with two such autos and will have to be convinced the problems have been removed before considering a car with one.

Other than that, I love my Rio like no other car I have had before.