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2014 Kia Rio Si Review

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I only give this car a 7.5 overall rating

Performance is brilliant but economy is shocking for a 1.6 li even if it is a auto one should obtain better than 10 li per 100kmI am a older careful driver (76) but I am not a slow coach.

Blue tooth could be better by installing voice activated very annoying fiddling with the dial and it is unsafe to make called when the car is moving (should have a system same as the lancer) brake calipers very noisy when releasing brake pressure.

Could be fitted with a better gear gate on the auto as reverse can be selected whilst car car is moving forward rear suspension is extremely noisy and can easily be fixed I spent a bit of money and have this problem fixed now car drives and handles much better
if anyone is looking for a economical 1.6Li auto I strongly suggest they do not purchase a kia rio.

Kia motors aust and the dealership I purchased the car from are not interested in solving the fuel or brake problem
I have had the brake problem fixed (excessive play and dry caliper pins).

I have now travelled 5000km and while the performance is brilliant for a small car I have improved that by having the rear suspension upgraded.

This should be a factory modification

The low points for this car is the fuel economy best I have obtained and yes I have kept a log of li used and Km travelled is 420km per tank that is less than 10 km per litre and the response I receive from Kia Australia and the dealer (not interested)