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2014 Kia Cerato Sli Nav Review

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I've just completed a trip from Perth to Adelaide & return with a cargo of; driver, adult passenger/co-driver, teenager, & one large Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I left with a still stiff 1,500 km on the clock, and now have 8,000 & she's to be serviced tomorrow - a run-in and much looser vehicle.

I achieved as good as 6.7 l per 100km, and averaged 7.5 l per 100km. Handling was very good and precise especially so when overtaking road trains when the engine/transmission/suspension worked well and gave confidence, though the tyre/suspension combination was a little harsh & I suspect the tyre choice was not made for our 2nd class highways and the tyre hum could even be accused of being a suspension harmonic!

The most annoying aspect of the trip was the Navigator. An entire suburb of Adelaide was not shown even though its been there more than two years and the comedic wildlife warning icon (kangaroos, camels, wombats etc) is Rudolph the bloody reindeer.

Add to this the acceleration lane graphic being for left hand drive (damned dangerous) and advice from KIA that I can get the software updated when the vehicle is ONE YEAR old and I'm not a happy chappie at all. Knowing what I now know I'd have deleted the Navigator on purchase & installed after market with more frequent and responsive proprietor.

So, vehicle is a 9, and I'm generally happy, except for the device that makes it supposedly "top end".

Buy another? They'd have to euthanise bloody Rudolph first...