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2014 Kia Cerato Koup Touring Review

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We now own two Kia’s, this and a 2015 Sportage SLi. This after a life time of driving, I started in 1966 and my better half in 1989. We’ve had Mercs, Jags, Mits, Toyotas, Peugeot. And one VW the first and last of that species.

The first car better my better half had was a 1991 Hyundai Excel. Korean cars have come a very long way since then. We bought the Kia's on value for money, strong ownership credentials and fit for purpose.

I drive the Koup, bought second hand with 4,185 km on the clock for $24.5K in 2015 when it still had 6 years to go on the warranty. Its comfortable, easy to drive and when required quick. Its also in my eyes a very good looking red vehicle. The sound when you shove down the loud pedal is quite pleasant, as is the shove.

The boot is a good size and easily takes my golf bag and fold down buggy but not much else, unless the rear seats are folded. But then we have the Sportage for the bigger loads. The front accommodation is excellent with plenty of room for my feet, which are a little larger than I’d like.

I miss my powered, heated seats, sunroof and tyre pressure monitoring system that my other cars had. But at the price you can’t complain. Fuel economy is around 8 to 9 l/100km. I’ve had more fuel efficient vehicles but this is acceptable.

The services at 7,500 or six months are reasonably priced at around a quarter of what I experienced with the Europeans. The service at my local dealer is excellent and given they are near a VW dealer I’ve had the though that I should walk into the latter and suggest they benchmark the Kia dealer.

There is premature wear on the driver's seat. Tomorrow a rear light cluster is to be replaced under warranty. Tyre noise on coarse chip roads is rather loud but the rest of the time its quite quiet.

Overall for someone that drives 90% of the time without a passenger and likes a good looking inexpensive vehicle with good ownership credentials, this is a good choice.