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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland (4x4) Review

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I have had my JGC Overland for 2 years now. It's been an excellent car with none of the faults in the review. Having said this, I use WK2 Jeeps website to keep on eye out for symptoms and get jeep to update the software before problems materialise.

Economy has been running between 8-9.5l/100 km. Offroad I have taken my car to trail-rated status with OEM and after market products and reverted to an 18" rim with Goodyear Wranglers for extra traction.The car seems to be unstoppable in sand, steeps, and mud. Drawbacks: Jeep will not update the GPS maps or supply the Suna Traffic Licence, the air-suspension can knock a little bit in full off-road height setting and is a little wallowy making kids uncomfortable on some roads. The car comes with DAB capability but Jeep refuse to provide the Australian software patch to make it work.

I can look past this though because the Overland brings the best things together well I.e. awesome 4wd capability, especially with front air dam unclipped; excellent steering and tight lock; confident active radar cruise; vented front seats; utility and media ports; and great power plant and transmission combo.

If Jeep were to make the car unbeatable, they would offer better maps, the Apps available on overseas models, provide mirror cast for smartphones, and gave some adjustment for the air-suspension to past and future customers.

It's engineering is not as refined as other road-bound SUV's e.g Volvo XC90, but 2 years on, I would still buy the Jeep over others for my all-purpose vehicle.