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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

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The jeep is a good luxury car for a reasonable price. The new zf auto it mates well with the diesel that has plenty of torque. Switch it into sports mode and you have a suv that has had a double shot of coffee, it realy feels lively.It might be because on start up it has a default eco mode that is for fuel benefits.

At around 1000km a tank combined driving hwy stop start etc and a 93 ltr tank it is quite economical for a 3ltr diesel. I do not tow anything but there is ample low down torque to pull you up hills if you were towing a trailer, boat, caravan or another 4wd out of a bog hole!

The large touch screen is very intuitive and easy to work, you can also have a smaller sat nav screen and also access all the other systems, radio, media ph etc. The finish is good inside the seats are comfortable and firm if you like them like that, 8 way adjustable seats with 2 memory settings.

I just wish that they could make the rear vision mirror go back to my setting. The boot has a good amount of room for a trip, rear seats have a decent amount of space for 3 adults and ample room for kids. It is a looker with nice lines, the 2014 model, it is a car that will age gracefully. All in all it is a great car at an excellent price. Touchwood it is as reliable as its trade in. If you are ready to buy a 4wd check one out.