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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Review

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I have just purchased a brand new Jeep Grande Cherokee Limited. My first ever new car. The car was sold to me by Hunter Chrysler Jeep in Cessnock NSW.

Currently, the car has just on 4,000 kms and it has been in the workshop twice, and is going back in again tomorrow. So far, I have had the car about 6 weeks and it has been in the workshop for nearly 2 of those weeks!

There are major issues with the engine and injectors. THIS IS A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!!

The rear suspension is also making a knocking sound and I have been advised that there is a recall on the suspension. No information about when that will be fixed so I just have to put up with the noise. The information from the dealer was that the Jeep is not built for our Australian conditions.

I will be dropping my car off to the dealer again tomorrow for what will probably be another week.

Previously I have owned a Range Rover and Prado and even the Range Rover did not give me as much trouble as the Jeep.

My advice, stay away from Jeep. They are unreliable and any issues are not fixed quickly and in my case are reoccurring. They are not built for Australian conditions and parts are not readily available. Due to the technical centres being in the USA, there are difficulties in getting a response from the technicians regarding a solution to the issues.