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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (4x4) Review

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My JGC will be a year old next week with 48000km on it. It has the offroad2 pack with air suspension, under body armour and 18" wheels, tow pack and rock rails. I've also added a full size bull bar.

I average 8.0l/100k on the highway and 9.5 in town if I'm gentle on the throttle. If not the figures go to 9.7 highway and 11.4 town. Towing a 2 tonne caravan gives 14l/100km on highway but I dont slow down.

Generally a pleasure to drive, quiet, comfortable and very capable. Great value for money. But the metallic black is a bugger to keep clean.

Once FCA acknowledged the preignition problem and upgraded the software at 10000km, all problems apart from turbo lag in econo mode disappeared. You can minimise the turbo lag around town by using sport mode however its not a problem on highways, overtaking is effortless even with a caravan. The sway control is excellent but rarely needed with my setup.

Reversing camera is high quality and when used with the air suspension makes hitching up and unhitching a carravan alone easy. The parking guides are accurate and very helpful. But that turbo lag at parking and hitching speeds is a mongrel.FCA need to upgrade grade the system to overcome this dangerous aspect as it is easy to damage the car or van if you aren't really careful. Using low range may ameliorate this but would only be safe over very short distances to avoid transmission wind up. I haven't tried this solution except off road to avoid wind up.

The ability to tow 3.4 tonne and still carry 4 adults with luggage without needing a GVM upgrade puts it far above most other vehicles if you tow frequently.

The gearbox is silky smooth once moving and the flappy paddles work well once you get used to them. The cruise control accurate and easy to use as is the command centre and connectivity. I love being able to configure the drivers screen to show the information I want.
Voice recognition of a broad Australian accent like mine is dreadful. My Samsung phone does a much better job!

I just don't get enough time offroad with it. It handles really well with mud terrain tyres and is surprisingly quiet on the highway when im too lazy to change back to the road Michelins

All up a really good all rounder with pretty good handling in all conditions.