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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (4x4) Review

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We bought our Grand Cherokee after looking at many others, including VW Toureg, BMW X5, Land Cruiser, Prado, Patrol, and even a few Utes (BT50, Ford Ranger). We were looking for a comfortable, safe, affordable, and efficient tow vehicle to replace our magnificent old GQ Patrol, which has just been an amazing vehicle but is of course getting geriatric and just doesn't have the goods these days, particularly in terms of safety and comfort.

Anyway, the Laredo 3.0 litre diesel hit the spot for us with effortless power, fantastic gearbox, and great towing specs, and absolutely fantastic value for money. We tow a 3 Tonne caravan, so power and economy were a very important consideration.

The car was delivered from day one with an ECB alloy roo bar as we do a lot of miles out bush rather than city traffic, so some protection against wildlife was essential.

To say the car has lived up to expectations is an understatement, with performance, comfort, and fuel economy all being outstanding. A very large percentage of the miles we do are with the caravan on the back, and this car is just an awesome tow vehicle. Reliability has been 100% so far, just a couple of very minor software upgrades were necessary in the first year for things like a cruise control which didn't always work. The features for a "base" model are just fantastic, with the superb UConnect sound system doing just about everything one could want including a very seamless connection to my iPhone.

I did consider the upgrade to air suspension, but after driving the coil sprung model, decided that it was perfect for our needs, with great ride, and less complexity. Eighteen months later I'm still totally happy with that choice- the ride is great, both with and without the van on the back.

About the only feature we don't have in the base model which would be nice is adaptive cruise control, which would be nice in traffic at times.

The 3 litre diesel combined with the eight speed ZF auto are nothing short of fantastic, I just can't fault either, and the fuel economy we achieve is astounding, at around 8 litres per 100, and around 13litres per hundred towing our 3 Tonne van.

I find it very difficult to fault this vehicle in any way, we both just LOVE driving it.

A negative is service costs, (through the dealer), but I use an independent mechanic which makes it far more reasonable.
We absolutely LOVE our Grand Cherokee.