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2014 Isuzu MU-X LS-T Review

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This is a good family 7 Seater SUV.

Interior Space
Top end model has a Built in DVD and GPS.DVD Player has Dolby surround with excellent Display.
GPS is very accurate with multiple features which are very handy
Fuel efficiency on road for my car is 8.2lt/100 KMS.
Excellent towing

Ride not that smooth as higher end SUV
Accessories are still an issue.Rhinorack has got roof racks only for LST variant.
I am not aware of any other company having roof bars for ISUZU MUX

I got a LST Model with nudge bar /tow bar/carpets/dashboard mat all included for just around 50000 dollars.

For this price the only other competitor for a 7 seated SUV is Colarado 7,but unfortunately the ride is much worse with colarado 7 ,has poor fuel efficiency,even their higher end model hasn't got GPS or DVD Drive.

Servicing is an issue if you are in regional Australia.First service at 3000 kms then every 10000kms.

5 year warranty with road side assist. Cost of owning this 7 seated SUV is much lesser when compared to others.

While buying a 7 seater I looked at quite a few cars for price around 50000 dollars

1)Holden Colarado 7(Didn't like it because of above
2)Nissan Pathfinder/Mitsubishi Challenger-Cost was a factor
3)Citreon Grand Picasso-Horrible Car.Not even a proper 5 seater.
4)Toyota Kulger-For all the above features,it would have costed me a fortune.
5)Kia Grand carnival is good value ,but not a proper SUV
6)Hyundai Santa fe-Same issue as Kia.

I might be wrong on a few things above but overall the car fulfils my needs of not being just a family car but also a brilliant SUV.