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2014 Isuzu MU-X LS-T Review

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This was my first brand new car. Went from a 2002 diesel Toyota Prado. Having young kids features are very important as we do lots of driving.

This car will get you from A to B comfortably with no problem - but that's all.

Customer service is shocking to non-existent, no contact after submitting questions on line, didn't call back when they said they were going to.

4WD system isn't really reliable. Have to stop and shift to neutral a lot to get it to engage properly.

Surround sound system is bad (too loud to play DVD for kids in the back - even putting to rear speakers only - no headphones available), will play a DVD to the rear or front screen, but USB or SD Card video will only play to front screen (only when stopped but sound keeps going while driving!!) but wont play on rear screen.

From first service the dip stick was left out of the slot so had engine bay sprayed in oil. Had to take day off work to have that and recall done as these cannot be done on weekends.

Husband left headlights on (hearing impaired so can't hear beep) and after the Isuzu service people jump started the car the fuel consumption gauge goes backwards (not sure if they can fix this) - but due to another recall I have to take another day off work to have these fixed (seatbelt recall so pretty important).

Headlights don't turn of automatically (my 2002 Toyota did).

Front screen has issues from time to time - the Nav will freeze or buttons become non-responsive unless you stop and restart the car.

Not worth the price, don't buy!