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2014 Hyundai Veloster Sr Turbo Review

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Going from driving a BMW 525i to driving a SR Veloster Turbo over the last two years - which do prefer - The Veloster Turbo without question!

Surprised? Well my Veloster is a heck a lot more fun to drive, it handles beautifully, and is more practical for my lifestyle. The Veloster is incredibly economical day to day, and servicing and parts don't cost the Earth!
My local service department team are fantastic and I still chuckle every time I pay the account after servicing..... Ever had a BMW or Mercedes.....You need a bank loan every time.

I love the fact the Veloster is a hatch, three door sedan, four seater, with a huge sunroof (awesome for driving on those beautiful days down the coast or in the country).

Every week at the petrol station, at the shops, or even at the lights I get asked "Hey - what car is that?"

I am so glad I got rid of my BMW. The Veloster Turbo is smooth, handles well on city, highway and country roads, it is fun and responsive to drive, and has the power when you need the turbo to kick in..... when it does hang on!

I once drove 750kms on one tank on one trip - This car is economical!

This car is unfortunately under estimated in most reviews, it is a very sexy, sporty and stylish practical four seater (it is NOT a family car and doesn't pretend to be), and has a massive storage area with the back split seats down.
I did my homework and researched and test drove many comparable cars - Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Holden, Renault and Mazda but kept coming back every time to the Veloster Turbo.

The only reason I have not given this car a 10/10 is that my personal preference would be slightly softer sports suspension and I do miss my heated front seats in winter from my previous two German cars. That's all I miss - sorry Das Auto.

Hyundai has delivered a outstanding car.

I am surprised the Veloster Turbo is not marketed more heavily. This vehicle is a surprise package and if you do test drive this car do so seriously on the open road or highway to truly appreciate how great, responsive and fun it is car is to drive.

I have no doubt when it's time for an upgrade in a few years time I will be heading back to my Hyundai dealer for a sneak peak at the New Veloster Turbo model maybe in 2020 - At this current moment I'm having far too much fun in my current Veloster Turbo "Storm" I still can't stop smiling.