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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Elite CRDi Review

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Very Good car with the price you paid. Bought this car on April 2014 and I am very Satisfied.

I was hoping Santa Fe would do well over 10km/1Litre. It does 10km/1 litre exactly. I live close to Sydney CBD and I do drive a lot during peak hours so I am not complaining.

When I first bought the car I was little worried about the noise and the rattle diesel engine would make but I couldn't hear nor feel the vibration. It is only just done over 5000km.

This is my first time driving a Korean made car (Hyundai, Kia, some GMs) and I am quiet impressed. I would certainly recommend people who wants a large SUV with diesel. If anyone is going to use this car as a 7 seater car i would not recommend.

When third seat is opened than you don't get a boot space. Extremely large Boot space when 3rd row is folded. I like the automatic rain sensor and the heated side mirrors which works well. I have been driving a lot of diesel engine for work usually UTE (pickup trucks) Hilux, Colorado, Rangers, Triton, and Navara and it usually rattles and makes rough engine noise from diesel engine.

You can also feel the AWD when accelerating it feels safer for some reason. I think there isn't many competitor in this category with diesel engine and price less than 60k. I think HOLDEN Captiva 7 seater & Mazda cx7 is the only one. I believe Captiva and cx7 is little outdated in terms of model. Toyota Highlander only offers Unleaded fuel.