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2014 Hyundai i20 Active Review

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The Hyundai i20 Active appealed to me, as it appeared to be built well, and it was awarded a five star safety rating. Since traveling 40,000km I've noticed the interior isn't of the best quality, its constructed from hard black plastic, with cheap silver painted plastic, in my experience the silver painted plastic on the A/C knob and the stereo has worn off. The door plastics are hard and easy to scratch.

In 40,000km I've had the following replaced .

Passenger side floor kick plate
A/C knob set
TRIP computer button section
Driver side seatbelt buckle
Driver side door (real alined)
Driver side seat base

Things I see breaking in the future:

Stereo turns the volume up by itself
The speedo rattles
The trip computer rattles
When driving over train tracks the whole car rattles
Paint has peeled off the hubcaps

Not everything is negative though; Its very fuel efficient, I get about 650km in the city and if I drove it right, I estimate I'd get close to 1000km on a highway tank. The paint is very good quality, its thick and looks great. The ride and handling for me is reassuring, I feel very safe driving this car, and if anything was to go wrong, I feel as if I would be fine.

The main reason why I purchased this car was its looks, in my eyes its a european car, Hyundai seam to have built a good name, everyone who hears I drive one always say how much they like them.

Servicing costs are a little expensive, and I feel as if I've had to go to every Hyundai dealer in Victoria, before finding a good one.

Overall its reliable, safe and presentable and I do enjoy driving it.

Before I'd buy another Hyundai though I'd like to see a better quality interior.