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2014 Honda Odyssey Luxury Review

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This car handles well and has been very comfortable. I have had problems from day 1 with the stereo and phone connections. It just stops working. It will not be reliable with the iPod and sometimes I can't get FM radio. Yesterday it just stopped operating for around 5 mins, and then restarted.

The drivers window button will put the window all the way up, 60% of the time, with a short touch. Other times you have to keep the button pushed until it shuts. For a while the car would not even lock consistently, but that has fixed itself.

It is as if they over reached on the electronics this time. Such a pity as this is my 7th Honda, but it is likely to be my last as these constant intermittent problems are driving me nuts. The service centre tried to deny it, then said no one else has had a problem. So I don't know what it is about my car - but it will be sold and I am looking for a different model.

They also took a few inches away in putting in he new of leg room from the driver to fit the comfie seats in back. That mattered to me. Also I have lost storage space.

The car runs well. However the enviro features only work for around a month after each service and then the auto stop stops working until it is services again.

Overall the irritating things have destroyed my pleasure in the car and they are outweighing the reasons for my choice.