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2014 Holden Cruze SRI V Review

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Very happy with my SRi-V. Now two years old and 32000k on clock and not one problem. Stunning roadholding with the 18x8 inch wheels and Bridgestone tyres. One interstate trip of 4000k and six others of 2000k ... a real pleasure.

Good boot fits my wife's wheelchair with ease. Auto is smooth and intuitive. Do not understand the vitriol of people who have obviously not even driven one ... or perhaps have driven a base model with 1.8 engine and lesser suspension. I also realise that "looks" are subjective but again can't understand how hateful the comments are of some people.

I find the shape (especially in "Karma" colour) to be very pleasing. I have owned 18 cars in my life, including rebuilding and showing an Award winning Street Machine for eight years, and consider my Cruze to be outstanding. Servicing costs are fixed for life and at less than $200 a time, leave most other cars in the dark. One annoyance is the SatNav.

Voice says "please" all the time and drove me batty. Ended up fitting a TomTom to dash and stopped using the in-dash one. Another annoyance (and one applicable to many cars) is the Speedo being out by 5kph at 110. On trips I use the TomTom speed to set the Cruise Control. Around town I know I can go to 63 on the speedo and be legal. Overall, just a wonderful car to own and drive.

Like most carlovers, I look continually at other cars ..... can't find anything that makes me want to change.