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2014 Holden Cruze Equipe Review

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Went out to buy a Toyota Corolla hatchback and came home with this car (new demo with only 236kms), shouldn't have taken my husband (not enough leg room in the front of the Corolla for my tall hubby, this car does have ample front seat leg room - tick)

Fuel economy - no tick. Car salesman assured me the car would use 7.0 to 7.4l per 100km - approx. 810kms for a 60l tank, right? Wrong!! This car does 625km (on a good day) before the yellow light comes on and tells me I have 80kms left until it is empty. And this is using 95 octane fuel.

A sticker inside the fuel lid tells me I can use E10 fuel, the car obviously doesn’t realize this as its economy is even worse –fluctuates between 8.0 and 8.2 according to the information menu.

I drive 40km to work each way on rural roads, I have tried not using cruise control, dropping my speed to 95kms - but each day I drive this car and watch the fuel gauge go south. When I fuel up I try and squeeze every little drop of fuel I can into the car to get more kms – to no avail.

Car salesman assured me the car would 'loosen up' - 20,000kms later, it still hasn't 'loosened'. He also said economy would improve with each service - still waiting !! So disappointed, this is the first new car I have ever had.

If you want a fuel efficient small-mid size car, don't buy this one! Else read the small print, I am sure it will be written somewhere that actual economy is closer to 8l per 100km. Shame I didn’t see it.