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2014 Holden Commodore S-V Redline Review

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My SSV Redline has the W310 Walkinshaw Upgrade. The car sounds like a V8 should. I have owned it now for 8 months and it is a pleasure to drive, handling and performance is exceptional, My link stereo unit a bit cumbersome to use, but sound quality coming out of the Bose speakers is awesome.

Hard to get used to not having a conventional hand brake, The FE3 Suspension is more on the hard side but comfort is not compromised too much, clutch is quite comfortable and not too hard, manual transmission is the way to go, you have much more fun!!

Plenty of torque which means less gear changes, you could literally take off in 3rd gear and the car will not shudder, reverse camera is great but not sure why they took out the lines that make it easier to park, front and rear sensors are great for parking, I haven't as yet used the auto parking feature, launch control is awesome to use when racing, gear shifter is tight and gear changes are relatively close and very smooth, the painted 19in wheels look great only problem is they are hard to clean, power really kicks in after 2nd gear and will literally sink you in your seat, having the staggered tyre combination is great for handling but not for tyre ware as you cannot rotate your tyres for even wear and durability.

The blind spot alerts on the mirrors is heaven sent, this has saved me on many occasions. Overall the best car Holden have produced