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2014 Holden Commodore SS-V Redline Review

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Nice and refined in the cabin. I've come from a GU Nissan Patrol so wow, very modern feel and well finished look. Love the mixture of textures from the leather seats, chrome, carbon fibre and suede combo looks great. The Mylink is awesome, steering wheel and controls are comfy and easy to use. The kids and wife all love the sun roof.

My only gripes are nowhere to store your sunnies and lack of cup holders in the back of the car. Oh, the boot...it's bloody huge. Performance wise this thing goes great. Throttle response is mostly instantaneous, the power is great, brilliant at overtaking, turns in nicely and the breaks are fantastic. She's a tar hugging ride and feels very sporty to drive. Overall, this car looks great, drives beautify and in sports mode one has a smile from ear to ear (love the paddle shifters-I feel like Jenson Button).

The fuel consumption is nowhere near close to what is advertised. Sure, it depends on how heavy your right foot is but I'm averaging 13.8 L/P 100 at the moment but I am still learning how to drive this thing nicely ?. My other big gripe is that it doesn't sound like a V8 at all. In fact, it's soo damn quiet that on the odd occasion I've not been sure the car was still running.

I like the fixed price service costs. Over all, she is considerably cheaper to run than my diesel powered Patrol. I just love my Forrest Green SSV Redline. The only other car I would now consider would be the SSV Redline Series 2.....now there's a car.