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2014 Holden Commodore S-V Redline Review

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My 2014 SSV Redline Manual Sedan is a great performer.

Handles incredibly well for a Large sedan, low road noise and Great performance - what more can a young guy want.

I was looking for a performance sedan to suit my budget when i sought out to find my next car.
I considered the FG XR6T (which changed to the FG G6E Turbo) the Subaru WRX STi Premium and the Chrysler 300C.

The 300C i found had a great exhaust note, good road presence and decent power - unfortunately, the interior room didn't impress me, feeling cramped. The brakes were overly touchy and the steering lacked road feel.

The Falcon XR6T was lacking in features for the money, though the G6ET brought the game up to match the SSV Redline for comfort and feel - Holy hell when that Turbo comes into song its a real weapon - and the 6Speed auto is a great bit of gear.

Wow the STI is a fun machine, though after driving both the New 2.0L in the WRX and feeling the STI's 2.5L, i couldn't justify the extra $$$ for the STi considering its primary use wouldn't be track days. I would have also liked to see a CVT in the STI as an option.

It came down to the size that i liked better in the Commodore, plus it received extras such as the MyLink system, Heads Up Display, Lane Departure Warning and Staggered 19" Wheels which grabbed my attention instantly.

I have had my Redline for a bit over a year now and it still puts a great smile on my face - i had to change the exhaust though, too quiet for a V8 - what were they thinking.

Looking back, i believe i also should have looked at possibly a BMW 335i or 535i (possibly a couple of years old with low KMs) as well.

My partner has a 2006 330i E90 BMW and putting aside the entertainment gear it misses out on due to its age, its a great car and we love its sporty feel also.