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2014 Holden Colorado Lx (4x4) Review

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My ute is a crew cab, cab chassis, fitted with an aftermarket steel tray by SpecGroup in Wodonga Victoria, IronMan Foam Cell Pro Suspension, ARB bull bar and fog lights. I also have a canvas canopy for the tray and SpecGroup framing for it.
What I love:
1. The grunt - It will pull like a 15yo and easily tow 3T. The uprated rear suspension is a must as it helps keep it level. The most I've loaded it up is 550kg on the tray, me at 85kg, gear at another 100kg, then 2T in a trailer that weighs about 500kg and is rated to 2.5T. It pulled that for 300km and averaged around 12L/100.
2. The Traction Control, ESC and DHDC. While I admit I turn these off a bit in the paddock (its a farm ute) I do love the fact that they are there and that they do work.
3. DHDC for feeding livestock. Engage this, point it down hill, get out and feed sheep...perfect.
4. The shift speed into and out of 4wd - so much faster than the last Rodeo - god that was hopeless.
5. The vinyl floors - yep I love them. Put a wet dog, a new born lamb, filthy boots etc in there during the week - wipe it out on a Friday night and your ready for kids on the Saturday morning.
6. The traction - great LSD, hard to get stuck

What I don't like:
1. The screen on the entertainment system could be easier to see - particularly when using as a reversing camera
2. Standard rear suspension is hopeless
3. Fuel economy could be better though I class anything under 10L/100km as good and mine easily beats this on the highway but is averaging 11.6 in overall duties.

Its not the lightest, prettiest, toughest or coolest ute on the market - but it is probably one of the most capable off road, most affordable as a work ute, most low maintenance as a work ute and most practical as a day to day do everything (with a bias towards work) car.

Exactly what I need.