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2014 Holden Captiva 7 Ltz Review

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We paid $38,000 drive away, Holden are literally throwing the Captiva's away. Starting price for the POV model, which also has 7 seats is an amazing price for a family vehicle @ $29,000 driveaway. I had driven many other turbo diesel family wagons and there is not too much difference between the Santa Fe, Sorento and the Captiva LTZ.

While the LTZ diesel is down about 40nm on the cousins from Korea, there starting point is $45,000 drive away, and for an equivalent equipped model around $55,000 drive away, which is moving into the territory of real 4wd (Pajero and Jeep Grand Cherokee) and not soft roaders.

So bang for your buck family wagon the Captiva even beats the Evoke wagon torque , equipment and price. The 2.2ltr turbo diesel is punchy and can be quick off the mark with a little bit more of the throttle keeping the turbo spooled and the 6 speed auto handles the 400nm of torque smoothly and never feels harsh in gear changes.

Exterior design is much improved, the infotainment system requires a bit of work and the sat nav works but is not the best image and is a bit weak in the pixel department. I don't know why they haven't used the front flares off the Captiva 5 on the 7, they look quite stylish.

Overall, I can't be too picky with the wife's new car as there are no issues yet and I'm actually a little bit jealous of the overall performance of the car.