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2014 Holden Captiva 7 Ltz (AWD) Review

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I have been with Holden for so many years. The last Captiva 7 I got was fault free, economical, durability, reliability and servicing cost are reasonable. The 07 Captiva I had before which I had brand new was very good.

I included to install all the required accessories on plus a Shu Roo fitted against Kangaroo's on the road. I wanted to keep it but I decided to give it to my son who needs a bigger car to suit his growing family. I bought a brand new 2014 LTZ with all the features and no problem so far and got no problem with it. I like the Eco mode for its economical fuel use.

The only problem so far was the GPS was not updated. I mentioned it to the dealer here in Perth but they said it takes 2 year before the upgrade is provided cause I said to them that Albany Highway in Cannington is still 50kph while actually it was already 60kph 20years ago.

The only thing I notice was the fitted size of tyre was very bumpy, maybe the shock absorber should be upgraded, there is also no daytime running lights so I fitted one as well. I am wiling to buy another brand new one maybe in three years time with some improved performance and ridding comport, fuel economy, with added more features like lane departure warning, added DVD on headrest , wiper rain sensors, and other warning safety device fitted to be a safety driver.