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2014 Great Wall V200 (4x2) Review

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I have owned 2 Great Walls, a 2011 and now a 2014 Dual-Cab ute. Both were 2WD models with 2.0-litre turbo diesels.

I bought these as tradie utes mainly based on price, as I had no intention of paying $35k plus for a work ute. I can honestly say that these Great Walls are just fantastic, ultra reliable, and damn good on the highway. They're just a good hardworking ute.

It can idle at 1900rpm while doing 100km/h and could easily cruise all day at much higher speeds, I have done in excess of 180,000kms in both my Great Walls, and have not put a spanner on them apart from oil changes and regular servicing.

Don't be put off by what you hear and read on the forums. Speak to an actual owner, as from most of the comments on I see forums, I can easily tell most of the posters haven't even seen a Great Wall, let alone owned one. Go out and get one and keep the $10k to $15k you will save in your bank.

This is a Tradie's ute; it has to go all day, everyday, 6 days a week. I stop and start at clients places at least 6 times every day, and I travel on lots of dirt roads and even to places where I thought it would be tough to reach. Once a small tree came down over a flooded driveway and I simply drove slowly straight over the tree - just awesome!

The 2.0-litre diesel is great, but a little bit more torque at highway speeds would be handy.

To sum up, it is not a $10 or $15k lesser car than other vehicles in this market - I highly recommend.

Go for a test drive today.