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2014 Foton Tunland Tl (4x4) Review

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I purchased a 2014 Foton Tunland in November 2014.

So far I have put nearly 40K on the car. It has a lift kit, All Terrain Tyres, Tow Bar, Bull Bar, driving lights and a soft cover.

I had a few minor warranty issues to start with including a missing air vent and the TPMS was deactivated.

The Engine is amazing it sounds great, is powerful and averages around 9.5 litres per hundred.

The Space is Exelcellent the seats are flat and comfortable. The kids fit in the back and the tray is big enough to fit everything that I need.

The technology of the truck is a bit average the Bluetooth is bad but the stereo is excellent. The reverse sensors are handy but can go off at the lawn when parked on a steep slope. The Cruise control is great it likes to accelerate up hills but Doesn't over run. The power windows and most other features are basic but work well.

The price of the ute was one of the main reasons I looked at it. It is the best ute under 30 grand I test drive I drove a few Utes and this was the one that caught my eye.

The ride and comfort, are good the lift makes it a bit more uncomfortable. I'm working on making the truck a bit higher so I can run 33s.

The 4wd works great on these Utes I have been doing some heavy off roading and it has come through brilliantly. It has a low first and crawls along well.

I'm very happy with the purchase and recommend the ute to others.