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2014 Ford Territory Ts Review

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This is the 4th territory I have leased. The requirement being for a family wagon, week day commuter and weekend towing a horse float. This is my first diesel and AWD.

Performance of the earlier, petrol engined RWD, was pretty good although the choice was made because I was restricted to Australian made cars. The major beef was fuel efficiency and low, albeit adequate at the time, towing capacity.

The 2014, AWD diesel TS has been by far the best fit for purpose car I have owned. Likes include the ride, fuel economy averaging 8.2 L/100k over 30,000 km with a mix of commute, highway and towing a horse float most weekends. The AWD capability has got us out of many slippery, muddy situations although clearance is clearly inadequate for off reading. Having said that it does pretty well towing a harrow through the paddocks!.

So far it has been very reliable, no mechanical issues, and at 30,000 km it retains a tight, rattle and squeak free, ride despite lots of rough dirt roads.

The main like is the ability to have 2.7 tonne towing capacity in a car that does not drive like a truck, has a decent turning circle, and good fuel consumption. It stacks up very well against the much more expensive Audis and X5's at horse events.

Main dislike is the accelerator flat spot that is apparently a feature and has not been fixed in the last 3 services. I am now used to it and compensate but it catches others out.

Third row of seats is all but useless when your passengers are older than 10: no leg room and you need to be a contortionist to get in.

Integration with iPhone is a bit hit and miss: somehow Siri makes a lot more mistakes when working though the car hands free than normal.

I plan to order another one before production ceases because a replacement is not clear to me - the Edge does not seem to have the towing capacity, and the Ranger is a truck. After that it is open market.